How to Save on Parcel Shipping

If you’re sending a package to friends or family members to other parts of the globe, going to the nearest post office may not be the best and only option. Today, when the shipping industry has become extremely competitive, you must explore all your options and find good deals in order to save money.

Most people who are sending package abroad make the mistake of paying for service that they do not really need. For example, they pay almost double when they sign up for next day delivery services even if that’s not necessary. Most of these people wouldn’t even think about haggling and assume that it’s the only way to send their package abroad. What they do not know is that a ground package will be most likely to be delivered to its destination sooner than expected without paying extra fees.

People who are buying merchandise online are also usually paying so much for the shipping cost. They click the “place order” button and type in their credit card number without really paying attention to the shipping fee. Did you know that you can get rid of that fee all together? And did you know that there are certain ways that you can save when opting for parcel shipping?


  1. Weight and dimension. When sending packages anywhere in the world, the amount that you’re going to pay will be based on the weight and dimension of your package. So, choose the most appropriate box size. Also, use packing peanuts or bubble wrap when sending fragile items to make the package as light as possible.

  2. Look for coupons. A lot of people who are buying just about anything online are getting amazing deals because they’re always looking for coupons. You should do the same. It will just take a couple of minutes and you’ll possibly save hundreds of dollars from your purchases. There are also coupons that are applicable on parcel shipping. You can even get free shipping coupons when you’re buying merchandise online.

  3. Shop and compare. Right now, there are a lot of companies offering parcel shipping so there’s no need to stick with the nearest post office when you need to send packages anywhere. Spend time doing research to figure out how you can save. Compare shipping methods and be on the look out for promotional discounts that you could use. There’s no need to rush your decision. When you get a quote, ensure that it doesn’t have any restrictions.

  4. Ship early. Most people are forced to pay more because they really need to send the package ASAP. You can avoid paying a lot of money by simply sending the package ahead of time. For example, if you’re sending a gift for your niece for her birthday, send the package at least 2 weeks before her birthday. You’ll be able to save and you can be assured that your loved one will get the package on time.